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Rita WoolmeringRita Wollmering is the founder, manager and grower of The HERB FARMacy. She grew up on her family’s 500 acre dairy farm in Minnesota. Like some farm kids, she wanted to experience the wide world, so she joined the Peace Corps and worked on agricultural projects in the Philippines. After her graduate studies, Rita continued her international work with USDA and USAID in Washington, DC until her urge to get “back to the farm” led her to pursue her herb farming ambitions. While working year round on the farm and greenhouses, she takes her “break” doing international volunteer work on the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program, most recently working with medicinal herb production in Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Brooke FinnBrooke Finn is the co-owner of The HERB FARMacy. She grew up in Connecticut and became an avid sailor in the waters of Long Island Sound. After her graduate work, Brooke got her start in small scale agriculture as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Central African Republic. After working at Peace Corps’ Washington, DC headquarters, she migrated back to domestic community development working with a national non-profit in Boston. Brooke helps keep the operations of The HERB FARMacy going, and is an all-purpose farmhand despite her nautical upbringing.
HERBieHERBie was our very lovable Labrador Retriever whose jovial spirit still lingers here on the farm while he enjoys endless treats and love in Lab heaven. He strayed into our lives on the farm and made himself right at home. HERBie was absolutely certain that people only came to the greenhouses to visit him and over time that became more and more true.
DenimDenim has joined The HERB FARMacy as the new greeter and readily shows his affection with gentle kisses. He was rescued as a stray puppy in Georgia but has adjusted nicely to his move up North. In fact he loves the snow more than the rest of us! Denim follows his nose wherever it leads and he is still learning not to go on unsupervised explorations if we leave him unattended in the greenhouse. One of his favorite jobs on the farm is hanging out under the tree in the summer supervising the field work.