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Testimonials & Kind Words

"Thank you once again for having such beautiful plants of an immensely eclectic blend for us to enjoy." – Circe F.

"I wanted to take a moment to jot a “thank you” for all that you do. I’ve never been to the 'pharmacy' with out some type of information and plant wisdom to leave with. You are both so inviting to give a word of advice or 'have you tried.'  My favorite plant place to visit is yours." – LeeAnn B.

"You are a true gift to Mother Nature!" –Rema S.

"Thank you so much for an educational visit. We love your farm, greenhouses, dog and laughs!" – Lynn B.

"Dear Miss Rita and Miss Brooke, Your farm is the best farm ever and I hope that one day I will visit you and your farm again. It was one of the best days of this summer, because I always dreamed of visiting a farm and you’ve made my dream come true. Thank you very very much for every thing" – Olivia G.

"Dear Miss Rita and Miss Brooke, Thank you very much for letting us visit you. I had a very fun time with the chicken because it was funny when they pecked at the grass and Herbie was very playful! When I grow up I want to have a herb farm and a dog, but maybe not chickens! I think that’s cool" – Leilah G.

"Thank you for the wonderful informative visit you shared with us. Everyone loved the morning & are still singing your praises! Your passion & dedication is inspiring. You are truly one of Earth’s fine stewards – Bravo!" – member, The Garden Club of Swampscott

"We thoroughly enjoyed your program. Delightfully delivered, informative, and packed with practical tips. What more could we want? You were simply the best!" – member, Great Island Garden Club.

"The Garden Club sure had a great time. Thanks to your great presentation about “The Joy of Herbs”. I’ve never seen the group so attentive! We’ll do it again soon – such enthusiasm reported to me afterwards!" – member, West Simsbury Garden Club

"Thank you so much for your presentation to our garden club. You gave us so much useful information about organic gardening. Your passion for the topic was evident and infectious. I know everyone enjoyed your talk." – member, The Sherborn Garden Clu