10 acres of old New England farmland
is now home to one of the top growers
of organic herbs in the Northeast

The HERB FARMacy is a 10 acre certified organic farm and retail plant nursery offering you over 800 varieties of potted herbs, flowers, native plants and vegetables. In addition on our small diverse farm we have chickens for eggs and raise bees for honey.

We strive to bring you a unique selection of healthy, high-quality plants grown in environmentally-friendly ways. To accomplish that we:

  • Propagate nearly all our own plants here at the farm from seeds and cuttings, enabling us to select specific varieties for outstanding qualities and suitability to our climate.

    • Follow the strict growing practices to meet the certified organic standards, including the use of:
        • organic seeds, soils & compost,
        • organic fertilizers (seaweed & fish),
        • pest control without pesticides (ladybugs & beneficial insects),
        • biological disease control (beneficial soil fungi).

Growing organically has been our commitment from the start (we’ve been certified organic since our opening in 1998) because it is the best way to ensure healthy plants, nutritious food and a sustainable environment.

• Grow plant varieties that have environmental benefits, including native plants, old-fashioned flowers and heirloom vegetables as well as plants that attract and support butterflies, bees and birds. This helps keep our grandparents’ best varieties going strong while supporting biodiversity.

Know first-hand about the plants by growing and harvesting them in our own fields, testing different varieties for vigor, flavor, disease resistance and resilience in New England’s dynamic and changing growing conditions.

Educate our customers about plant selection and requirements, plant and soil care, as well as harvesting and use of herbs and veggies. We freely share what we’ve learned by experience because we want you to enjoy success in your gardening adventures!

• Work directly with customers by selling our plants directly to you from our greenhouses and at farmers markets, giving us a chance to hear from you and respond to your needs.

Our greenhouses are open from the end of April through Columbus Day, with hours varying as follows:

  • Spring (end of April through July 3rd): Open Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-4PM. (Closed Monday)
  • Summer (July through end of August): Open Tuesday-Sunday 10AM-4PM. (Closed Monday)
  • Fall (September through Columbus Day): Open Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM. (Closed Sunday & Monday)
  • Other times by appointment.

We’d love to have you visit. Please explore the website for more info or contact us if you have specific questions.

Thank you for all your support!