Educational Programs

Our educational programs are designed to be presented at your selected location. We have presented to groups, large and small throughout New England.  Perhaps your garden club or conservation group would appreciate solid knowledge in one of our areas of expertise, or perhaps your local community group has a growing interest in organic techniques and would like to do more towards “going green”. Select from a topic below, contact us with your questions and we’ll tailor a program to your specific needs.  These are all informative and action-packed!

Presentation Topics

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle in the Garden – Money Saving Ideas!
In these difficult economic times, it’s easy to contain costs for your gardening pleasure. Simple practices like starting your own plants from seeds, being creative in the re-use of containers, and plant-swapping and networking with friends and on-line to find what you are looking for.  Learn how to be thrifty as well as being a green gardener!

Going Green
This energizing session will explore a myriad of easy things everyone can do to be more “green” in every day life.  Special focus will be on the ways to be more environmentally-friendly in your gardening, cooking and cleaning. This workshop blends ideas from organic gardening, sustainable agriculture and the creative uses of herbs in your home.  Participants leave equipped with their own personal menu of simple, practical things that will make Mother Earth smile.

Global Climate Change in Your Backyard
We hear about polar bears and emperor penguins suffering from global warming but how does that translate to your backyard and gardens? This timely session reviews climate changes happening right here in Massachusetts, how this impacts your decision making for choosing appropriate plants and landscapes, and promotes feasible ways to work with and help fight against and reduce the changes.

The Joy of Herbs
Come learn everything about the wonderful world of herbs – organic growing conditions (sunlight, soil, fertilizer, water), harvesting techniques and preserving your herbal bounty (vinegars, oils, honeys, cleaning products and so much more). A very popular class with many clubs.

Organic Vegetable Gardening
Backyard gardening offers an economical way to have nutritious, safe local food and make positive contributions to the environment. Topics will cover basic organic growing principles as well as practical steps to build your soil, fight diseases and manage pests. Learn the growing requirements (soil, sunlight, water) of different types of vegetables as well as tips for planting, harvesting and preserving. Ideas are applicable at any scale - from patio containers to large garden plots.

Organic Gardening & Companion Planting
Explore practical ways of transitioning to organic practices in your gardens and lawns.  Learn the principles and benefits of organic gardening including the use of companion planting to mix the right plants together in the garden to unleash heir natural ability to help each other in repelling pests or enhancing healthy plant growth.

Herbal Gifts from Your Garden
Learn to make hand-crafted herbal products that you can share as gifts or use for your local fund-raiser.  Choose between a wide range of herb-craft ideas or a hands-on workshop making some of those great products, ranging from wonderful herbal vinegars, herbal salts, sachets, herbal oil, herbal cleaning products and body care products you’ll want to try at home.