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Specialty Pepper Plants

Sweet, savory, spicy and more.
Our specialty peppers will add extra zing
to your favorite recipes.

An expansive offering of peppers are available, including sweet peppers for salads/roasting and spicy chile peppers ranging from mild to super-hot. Varieties are selected for productivity in shorter New England growing conditions and tested on our own farm.

Pepper Plant Variety

Albino Bullnose   Kung Pao
Anaheim   Lemon Drop
Ancho Gigantea   Lipstick
Banana Sweet   Long Red Narrow Cayenne
Bhut Jolokia   Miniature Chocolate Bell
Black Hungarian   Miniature Red Bell
Cherry Bomb   Miniature Yellow Bell
Chocolate Sweet Bell   Orange Sun Bell
Early Sunsation   Padron Spanish
Explosive Ember   Paprika Leutschauer
Fatalii   Purple Beauty Bell
Giant Marconi   Red Bull Sweet Bell
Habanero   Serrano del Sol
Holy Mole   Shishito
Hungarian Hot Wax   Super Chili
Hungarian Sweet Bell   Thai Dragon
Italia Sweet   Thai Hot
Jalapeno - Early   Thai Red Hot
King of the North