Specialty Pepper Plants

Sweet, savory, spicy and more.
Our specialty peppers will add extra zing
to your favorite recipes.

An expansive offering of peppers are available, including sweet peppers for salads/roasting and spicy chile peppers ranging from mild to super-hot. Varieties are selected for productivity in shorter New England growing conditions and tested on our own farm.

Download a description list of all our peppers for the 2020 season. PDF

Pepper Plant Variety

Orange Sun
King of the North
Yankee Bell
Cornito Giallo (yellow)
Cornito Rosso (red)
Sweet Banana
Ace Bell
Sweet Roaster
North Star
Goddess Sweet Banana
Sweet Sunrise
Jalepeno 'El Jeffe'
Cayenne Slim
Feher Ozon

*** SUPER HOTS! ***

Scotch Bonnet (orange)
Habenero (orange)
Habenero (chocolate)
Ghost 'Naga Jolokia')
Chocolate Reaper
Peach Carolina Reaper
Yellow Reaper
Ghost (yellow)
Bhutlah Bubblegum (7 pot bubblegum)
Ghost (chocolate)
Apocolypse Scorpion
Caramel Trinidad Scorpion
Aji Amarillo
Serrano 'Hot Rod'
Hot Banana 'Lightning'