Plant Lists

interior of a greenhouse showing herb plants

We propagate and grow over 800 varieties of certified organic plants. These plant lists are provided to give you a better idea of the plants offered in each of these categories. We aim to offer you varieties that are exceptional performers as well as unusual selections that you won’t find elsewhere. We can’t guarantee that every listed variety is always available, so please check with us in advance if you are only interested in a specific variety.

Some availability depends on the time of year. In general:

  • Tomato, pepper and other vegetable plants are primarily available mid-May through early July.

  • Annual flowers and annual herbs are most available May through mid-July.

    Vegetables for early spring planting (greens, cold-tolerant veggies) are available late April-June.

    Vegetables for fall planting and herbs for indoor windowsill gardens are available mid-August through mid-October.

Herbs, Flowers and Native Plants

Offerings include a diverse selection of culinary, medicinal, aromatic and ornamental herbs as well as unusual flower varieties and native plants which are hardy and low-maintenance. Annual, perennial and biennial varieties are included. Most are available in 4” pots and selected varieties are available in larger sizes.

Vegetable Transplants & Berry Plants

Offerings include common and hard-to-find vegetables ready for transplanting into backyard gardens or containers to grow and harvest. A wide selection of greens and lettuces are included. Specific varieties are selected for flavor and vigor in local growing conditions, most have been tested in our own fields or recommended by our customers and local chefs. Select berry plants are also available.

Heirloom Tomatoes

The wide assortment of tomato plants ensures that you will find varieties that match your The wide assortment of tomato plants ensures that you will find varieties that match your gardening needs and tastes. Varieties include cherry, paste, salad and slicing tomatoes across a spectrum of colors, sizes and length of time to maturity. Our selections are predominantly heirloom varieties because of their proven superior flavor and texture and color range. Offerings include varieties suitable for patio containers as well.

Specialty Peppers

An expansive offering of peppers are available, including sweet peppers for salads/roasting and spicy chile peppers ranging from mild to super-hot. Varieties are selected for productivity in shorter New England growing conditions and tested on our own farm.