Heirloom Tomatoes

Here are some of our special heirloom
tomatoes for sale at a local farmer market.
You can grow your own by starting with
some of our plants. Ideal for
container plantings too.

The wide assortment of tomato plants ensures that you will find varieties that match your gardening needs and tastes. Varieties include cherry, paste, salad and slicing tomatoes across a spectrum of colors, sizes and length of time to maturity.  Our selections are predominantly heirloom varieties because of their proven superior flavor and texture and color range. Offerings include varieties suitable for patio containers as well.

Download a description list of all our tomatoes for the 2021 season. PDF

Heirloom Tomato Variety (* = compact plant, container friendly)
Amish Paste
Berkeley Tie Dye - Pink
Black Cherry
Black Krim
Brandywine - Black
Brandywine - Red
Brandywine - Yellow
* Celebrity
Chef's Choice Orange
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Cosmonaut Volkov
* Early Wonder
Garden Peach
German Pink
German Striped
Green Zebra
Gregori's Altai
Ground Cherry Aunt Molly's
Hungarian Italian
Indigo Rose
Italian Tree
* Jetstar
Kellogg's Breakfast
* Legend
Lemon Drop
Matt's Wild Cherry
Mortgage Lifter (red)
* Mountain Merit
Opalka Paste
Oxheart Pink
Paul Robeson
Pink Bumble Bee
* Principe Borghese
Pruden's Purple
Purple Bumble Bee
* Rutgers
San Marzano
Speckled Roman
* Sprite
Sungold Cherry
Sunrise Bumble Bee
Supersweet 100
Sweet Gold
* Tasmanian Chocolate
Tomatillo - Green
Tomatillo - Purple
Tomimaru Mucho
* Tumbling Tom
Yellow Pear Fargo