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Vegetables Transplants & Berry Plants

Offerings include common and hard-to-find vegetables ready for transplanting into backyard gardens or containers to grow and harvest. A wide selection of greens and lettuces are included. Specific varieties are selected for flavor and vigor in local growing conditions, most have been tested in our own fields or recommended by our customers and local chefs. Selected fruits (berries, rhubarb) are also available.

Crop Variety
Crop Variety
Artichoke - Green Imperial Star
Arugula Astro
Asian Greens Early Mizuna
Asian Greens Mizuna Purple
Asian Greens Ruby Streaks Mustard
Asian Greens Tatsoi
Bean - Bush French Maxibel Bush Haricot Vert
Bean - Bush Green Provider
Bean - Bush Purple Royal Burgandy
Bean - Bush Yellow Indy Gold
Bean - Fava Windsor
Bean - Pole Kentucky Wonder
Bean - Soyi Edamame
Beets Red Ace
Bitter Melon Comet
Blackberry Chester
Broccoli Amadeus
Broccoli Blue Wind
Broccoli - Nonheading Piracicaba
Brussel Sprouts Churchill
Brussel Sprouts Diablo
Burdock Takinogawa
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield
Cardoon Rouge d' Alger
Cauliflower Snow Crown
Celeriac Brilliant
Celery Afina
Celery - Cutting Par-Cel
Chard Bieta da Costa
Chard Bright Lights
Chard Orange
Chard Silverbeet Gold
Chicory Italiko Rosso
Collards Champion
Corn Lancelot
Cucumber Diva
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Marketmore 76
Cucumber Richmond Green Apple
Cucumber - Long Shintokiwa
Cucumber - Middle Eastern Super Zagross
Cucumber - Pickling National
Eggplant Casper White
Eggplant Fairy Tale
Eggplant Nadia
Eggplant Orient Express
Eggplant Rosa Bianca
Eggplant - Thai Long Green
Elderberry Samdal
Elderberry Samyl
Fennel Bronze
Fennel Zefa Fino
Frisee/Endive Tres Fine
Goosefoot Good King Henry
Kale Beedy's Camden
Kale Halbhoher Gruner Krauser
Kale Lacinato Dinosaur
Kale Lacinato Rainbow
Kale Mixed Gene Pool
Kale Red Russian
Kale Scarlet
Kale Sea Kale
Kale Vates Blue Curled
Kohlrabi White
Leek Lincoln
Lettuce Autumn Mix
Lettuce Blushed Butter Oaks
Lettuce Bronze Arrowhead
Lettuce Buttercrunch
Lettuce Concept
Lettuce Dark Lollo Rosso
Lettuce De Morges Braun
Lettuce Harris Blend
Lettuce Mix
Lettuce Mix - Red
Lettuce New Red Fire
Lettuce Red Carpet Mix
Lettuce Red Iceberg
Lettuce Red Sails
Lettuce Red Salad Bowl
Lettuce Romaine Plato
Lettuce Royal Oakleaf
Lettuce Sierra
Lettuce Skyphos  Red Butterhead
Mache Verte de Cambrai
Melon - Green Alvaro
Melon - Green Ananas D'Amerque
Melon - Orange Diplomat Galia
Melon - Orange Hanah's Choice
Okra Cajun Jewel
Onion - Red Rossa di Milano
Onions - Yellow Copia
Pac Choi Purple
Pea - Snap Sugar Snap
Pea - Snow Dwarf Grey Sugar
Pumpkin New England Pie
Pumpkin Rouge vif d'Etampes
Pumpkin Wee-B-Little
Radicchio di Treviso
Radicchio Palla di Fuoco Rossa
Raspberry Polana
Rhubarb MacDonald
Salisify Black
Salisify White
Scallion Evergreen Hardy White
Spinach New Zealand
Spinach Perpetual Gator
Spinach Red Kitten
Spinach Red Malabar
Spinach Space
Squash - Summer Gentry
Squash - Summer Patty Pan - Sunburst
Squash - Summer Yellow Crookneck
Squash - Summer Zephir
Squash - Winter Australian Butter
Squash - Winter Baby Blue Hubbard
Squash - Winter Boston Marrow
Squash - Winter Buttercup Burgess
Squash - Winter Potimarron
Squash - Winter Spaghetti Squisito
Squash - Winter Table Queen Acorn
Squash - Winter Waltham Butternut
Squash - Winter Zeppelin Delicata
Strawberry - Early Earliglow
Strawberry - Late Sparkle
Strawberry - Mid Season Allstar
Watermelon - Red Blacktail Mountain
Watermelon - Red Little Baby Flower
Watermelon - Yellow Petite Yellow
Zucchini 8 Ball
Zucchini Costata Romanesca
Zucchini Raven
Zucchini Sebring Zellow